You Snooze, You Lose

The phrase originated in 1968 when Wilbur Croskowsky’s wife included it in the script she wrote for her husband’s commercial. “You snooze, you lose!” was merely in regards to the mattress sale that was taking place. Today it’s one of the most commonly used phrases, and it’s an accurate one at that.

If you don’t take advantage of a good sale, someone else will.

It’s true; things go on sale all the time. It’s also true that sales on things of good quality don’t last very long. So quite literally, if you’re snoozing around you’re almost definitely losing out on those great deals. While you’re sitting at home watching Netflix, bargain shoppers are getting out their best running shoes and snatching everything wonderful in sight.

If you’re playing a sport, you definitely can’t afford to snooze.

Whether you’re playing soccer or anything else really, and you’ve been positioned as a goalie for example, then you have to pay attention. If you’re standing there day dreaming, snoozing around, then you best believe that a ball will get past you in which case your whole team loses, not just you.

Good morning!

I’m definitely a frequent abuser of the snooze button in the AM. My alarm goes off and my brain is all like “no not yet, just five more minutes”. The logical part of my brain knows damn well that I’m not winning any actual time by snoozing the alarm. Unfortunately that side of the brain is desperately trying to stay asleep at that point in time. Every time you “snooze” you’re taking minutes away from your potentially productive day, and therefore you lose.

Stop snoozing and start winning!



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