WTR MLN WTR – The Next Best Thing

Coming home from yet another alcohol-infused bender, severely dehydrated, physically drained and ready to pass out, I was greeted with a beverage that’s conveniently full of electrolytes and nutrients. Thinking that I’m being forced to consume some sort of medicinal crap, my first reaction was to cringe, naturally. After a few sips however, and now several bottles later; it’s safe to say that I am Obsessed with this Cold Pressed Watermelon Beverage.

About the design – Super cute. The logo is cleverly designed in an ‘Excellence in simplicity’ sort of way. I love how the ‘W’ on top and the ‘M’ underneath it form a watermelon slice on the side. The bottle is smaller than your average water bottle, holding 12 fl oz; fitting perfectly in your hand due to its solid shape and sleek form.

About the taste – In order to help you understand what it tastes like, I’m gonna rewind a few days back to when I wanted a snack and instead of reaching for some junk food for once, I grabbed a baby watermelon. I didn’t bother slicing it up so I could eat the pieces with a fork like a normal person; I just cut in half and dug my spoon into the ‘bowl’, scooping up a giant chunk and shoving it in my mouth. Much to my disappointment, the damn thing was completely bland. It’s not even that it wasn’t ripe; it was bright red but had completely no flavor to it. My roommate suggested that I put some salt on it. Given the fact that I’m usually pretty gullible about these sorts of things I thought he was messing with me; but did it anyway. The outcome – Salt makes EVERYTHING better! Except for maybe coffee… And that’s exactly what this drink tastes like – delicious salty watermelon in liquid form.

About the health – Salt’s ugly cousin, Sugar is what you don’t want to see in the ‘ingredients’ section of what you consume. Orange Juice, as healthy as it may be is full of sugar. This watermelon drink has 45% less than that, which is just about the same as coconut water which we all know is the latest craze as far as healthy beverages go. If you’re not sold yet, it’s also Vegan and Gluten Free. Not to mention it has 6 times the electrolytes of an average sports drink; it’s packed with antioxidants from vitamin C and L-Citrulline which is great for your workouts. So next time you go to grab a Gatorade, maybe you should grab this bottle of watermelon goodness instead.

About the hidden message – It’s not that hidden actually; it’s all over the bottle displayed in various innuendos. From “Shake it like you mean it” on the bottle cap to “Make your muscles rejoice Hola Papi!” on the side of the bottle along with the universal male sign (you know, the one with the circle and the arrow) that’s accompanied by “Bedroom Friend”. Sure; those who want to make things sexual will always find a way. But these guys aren’t exactly making it very hard. On top of it all, I just found out it happens to be an aphrodisiac. So next time, instead of shelling out for oysters, just get your date to drink a WTR MLN WTR instead.

One thing’s for sure; if i ever see this stuff on the shelves of a supermarket, I’m picking up a bunch and keeping my fridges stocked. Until then, there’s always hoping that I randomly get an email from the WTR MLN WTR Brand Ambassador, stating that it’s being shipped to my house for free. *Patiently waiting*


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