When you’re at a supermarket and you see half-eaten product…

Standing in line at El Super, a local Mexican Supermarket here in Los Angeles, I was growing increasingly annoyed with the lines, the length of which never diminishes regardless of the day of the week or the time of day it is. Granted I too come here due to the convenient location and the affordable prices, but it seems to me that these people are stocking up for the winter storm every single day. Not only that but they all take their time as if they’ve got no other place to be or things to do. With their children running around in disarray, throwing plastic balls around and screaming off the top of their lungs they treat the line at the supermarket as a get-together in their backyard, where it’s okay to chat with the checkout clerks about life and whatnot instead of just scanning their things and moving the heck on.

So as I’m standing there waiting to check out my 12 items, in regular line no less because I’m too honest to go through the ’10 items or less’ aisle; I notice a half-eaten cupcake resting in the container with ‘Wrigley’s 5’ mini gum packets that I was just about to reach into.

I seriously doubt that that half-eaten cupcake was a ‘last-minute sale’ item, featured in the ‘impulse’ aisle next to all the other goodies such as Twix and Tic Tacs.

What kind of person do you have to be to think that it’s okay to do that? I get that it’s just a 69 cent ‘bin’ and I’m even willing to assume that you got hungry while standing in line because as previously discussed it takes forever to leave that store… Let’s say that was in fact the case; so your impatient, possibly low-sugar-leveled-self decided to crack open your jumbo box of cupcakes and as you were approaching the conveyor belt, you got nervous that you’ll get found out so instead of shoving the rest of it into your mouth or even back into the box as an alternative, you just placed it next to other product that other people might potentially want to buy?

That’s very rude, and not to mention El Super Gross.

el super gross


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