WHEELER SERIES: Sometimes an Apple Falls Far From a Tree


This guy… He can barely change his own diaper, and is somehow a parent to a 9 year old boy. The kid lives with his mom back in Missouri as ‘this guy’ coasts through life here in Los Angeles, not even trying to ‘make it’. I don’t know his kid personally but from what I heard and semi-witnessed during their Skype sessions, he is that one apple that falls from the tree and just keeps on rolling; far, far away.

I for one was never able to look at a baby and determine whether or not he or she looked most like its mother or father. Babies are babies and they look like babies until they start developing distinctive character traits resembling that of their parents’. Only then do they actually start to look alike to me. I gotta say; the only thing these two seem to have in common is their laugh and shaggy hair, both of which are somehow endearing on the boy and irritating on the man. Other than that, based on some of the things this 9 year old says, it’s hard to believe he came from ‘this guy’.

This guy… He’s over 30 years old and doesn’t show interest in anything other than drinking beer, playing video games and talking shit; ‘women’ being one of his favorite topics, of course. Needless to say, being both a woman and his roommate, we butted heads quite a bit. He was constantly lazy and obnoxious and I was constantly picking up his dirty socks from all around the house and making his bed, seeing as how he was neither capable of nor willing to do it himself. But you see… It’s not just me and my biased opinion. Even his own child expressed that he doesn’t understand what his father is doing with his life. He’d ask him why he’s in Los Angeles in the first place when he could be drinking beer and playing video games just as easily back at home… A 9 year old kid questions his dad’s life decisions and the only response this guy can fathom is “Shut up; is your mom telling you to say these things? Don’t listen to her; she’s a bitch”.

This guy… His child is working on science projects, participating in video presentations, getting good grades in academics and probably going places; and all he is doing is perfecting the craft of making excuses. That’s what happens when you peek in high school; it all goes downhill from there.

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