WHEELER SERIES: “It’s not selfish to get what you want”

This guy… He spends 5 months living at a house that’s not his own, rent-free. At thirty something years old he still treats his surroundings like that of a frat house; constantly leaving shit around, never washing a single dish and abandoning half empty beer cans and water bottles, along with ‘gingersnap’ vodka bottles in every corner imaginable, allowing them to collect dust and cob webs until someone else finally gets rid of them.

Every evening, dinner would be made; not by him but by somebody else that’s much more valuable to the ‘family’ who actually spends money and time towards the house and the refrigerator’s contents.  Every evening Wheeler would come home from a job which he was finally able to obtain, partaking in said dinner. You see, according to him, only those with tits could get a job in Los Angeles; which was odd considering the fact that he had a full B-cup at least, and it took him three months to finally land something.

Every time jokes were made in his direction, he would take a step back from advancing as a human being; instead gaining another point in the ‘Degenerate contest’. At first the jokes were done in a friendly nature with no intentions other than to nudge him to be better. Eventually, due to his never-changing-for-the-better behavior, the jokes became more and more derived from the truth.

Truth hurts; and this guy… Couldn’t handle it.

It wasn’t long before he started isolating himself from the group by avoiding meetings and neglecting to partake in social activities. It wasn’t long before he took it upon himself to create rules and regulations out of thin air with nothing to back up those decisions but fluff that poured out of his mouth like seizure foam. It wasn’t long before he started boycotting ‘family dinners’ by bringing home ‘drive-through’ food and eating it in the driveway before entering the house. “It’s not selfish to get what you want” –he’d say before retreating to “his” bedroom, claiming he had any sort of rights to privacy.

It wasn’t long before he left in the middle of the night, leaving behind thousands of dollars’ worth of debt because he couldn’t handle the fact that his normally-intimidating-bullshit wouldn’t fly this time around.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the disgusting scent of disappointment and sweat he left behind, disappeared forever.

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