What can I do? Водки найду!

Every Russian is familiar with this phrase. It may just be the greatest inter-lingual pun of all time. It’s mentioned at almost every party; there’ve even been songs made banking on that phrase alone. If you’re not Russian, let me enlighten you about the wonderfulness of this phrase.

You know how you’re always afraid that if you attempt to say a phrase in a different language you’re going to butcher it and end up saying something with a completely different and possibly offensive meaning?  Do you ever hear someone talking in a foreign language and you can kind of sort of pick up on several words so you start creating your own meaning for them in your head because of how they sound? Well this is kind of like both of those except funnier and far more entertaining.

The phrase “What can I do?” in English, if pronounced with a thick Russian accent like so “Voht Keen I do?”, sounds exactly like a very existent phrase in Russian “водки найду” which quite literally translates into “Will find Vodka”. What can I do? I’ll go find me some vodka.

If that’s not complete and utter perfection of a double entendre, I don’t know what is.


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