The Ripped Jeans Debacle

Making a fashion statement or too broke to buy new ones?

Wearing ripped jeans and showing off a white rose a guy gave me; vintage filter slapped over it – this picture couldn’t get make my Instagram feed more hipster looking if I tried.

So I’m sitting there at Roma Café in Hollywood, contemplating today’s generation’s fashion choices and judging the hell out of them for their see through skirts as I look down and realize that I’m no better. These jeans cost more than the ones without gigantic holes in them. So what’s the deal?

My dad, being a man of a much older generation, refuses to wear jeans that aren’t the original kind of blue. Anything else is unacceptable. In his eyes the only thing worse than ripped jeans are jeans that are purposely made to look dirty.

What’s the fascination with the altered jeans? I don’t know about the “dirty” ones, but I love my ripped jeans and I can’t explain why. You’re literally paying more money for less material. Is it the labor that goes into making those holes look so perfectly ripped?  I don’t know about you but I’ve certainly spent a number of days in my childhood trying to turn old jeans into ripped shorts and failed miserably again and again. Regardless of how they do it, we’re clearly still suckers for it years later, so I don’t think this fashion statement is going anywhere.


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