The Little Things You Can’t Help But Notice on Television

Does anyone else dissect movies and TV shows beyond imaginable? I know I do. People say I’m terrible to watch movies with because I don’t shut up about why this guy went there and how that’s impossible and doesn’t anyone learn to turn on the light in horror movies when going to the basement. I’ve gotten better. Now I just sit there and quietly judge away; take notes and express my opinions later in writing. On a rare occasion though, I’ll stumble upon someone who actually enjoys my psycho banter and even joins me, which is awesome. I assure you; those wonderful sessions are reserved for couch viewing only so as not to disturb other patrons.


There are things however that can’t really be turned into a full blown discussion, but are nevertheless fascinating. It’s the little things. They’re so little, and happen so quick, that you’d have to rewind in order to share them with someone, and who wants to do that.

Alcohol content in people’s glasses is a big one. The level of it always changes, unreasonably so. A few people will be sitting at a bar, having a conversation, and naturally the camera is going back and forth between their faces, depending on who’s talking. What no one seems to care about is that their drinks also seem to be going back and forth between full and empty. No one is refilling them while they’re talking, so how is it possible that you go from an almost empty glass to an almost full one and then back to an empty one in a matter of 4 seconds? Must be magic! Or just negligence…


Hair and earrings is another. If you pay attention, you will notice things like one wild hair strand on a woman’s head that’s mysteriously fixed the next time the camera is on her, which is oh, two seconds later. And I’m sorry, but there’s no way that you fixed that hair all on your own in to seconds without so much as a mirror, not to mention with your mouth still moving. Same with earrings – You can see it when the hair is behind the ear, and the hook of an earring is slightly misplaced, almost ready to pop out and then BAM, it’s back in again without it ever being mentioned.

Speaking of hair though, is it just me or does it bother anyone else that these bitches wake up with perfectly curly hair? No one looks like that, sorry, and I’m not just talking about waking up looking “good”, cause that happens. I’m specifically talking about hair. No one, I repeat, no one wakes up looking like they just took off curlers and were touched up by a hair stylist when they roll out of bed. That goes hand in hand with lipstick. Really? Is that permanent? Is it that special lipstick that doesn’t leave your mouth and end up on your pillow? Where can I get some?


What about a ticking time bomb? Does it surprise anyone else that seven seconds last for a minute? Must be that special “movie time”. After all they’re able to fit an entire lifetime into two hours, so why not.


All these little things always catch my attention and I quietly giggle to myself. It’s almost a self-gratification against the movie producers and editors who thought those small details wouldn’t catch the viewer’s eye. Hehe, gotcha! And then immediately after laughing at them in my head, I start laughing at myself because no one knows why I’m so entertained. So basically I’m just this snickering idiot sitting on the couch, darting my eyeballs left and right, wondering if anyone else notices the mishaps on the screen. It’s quite fun.

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