HATE CHRONICLES: The Society Edition

Time doesn’t stand still and neither should Society as a whole. But can we really call it progression if as we’re seemingly moving forward in a sense of advancing in technology and finding new ways to create taller and stronger buildings, we’re in a fact digressing in a sense of how shallow and pretentious we’re becoming? The concept of social acceptance seems to have flipped over the years; all the wrong people are praised and material things are higher on a pedestal than they’ve ever been before.

  1. Valentine’s Day – It’s a lie; a reason that is provided to you by the calendar and corporate chains; a made up holiday that forces you to give presents and show affection and romanticism that you otherwise would willingly trade for pizza and a bucket of beer.
  2. Roses – Rose are so pretentious with their “I’m a rose, I’m expensive, I’m a classic” attitude. No thank you; I’ll take a dandelion over your snobby prickly ass any day…
  3. iPhone – I have a very high distaste for iPhones and Apple products in general. I realize I’m basically shitting on half of the population right now by making that statement, but I just can’t get on board with the secluded and prestigious vibe that comes with it. Just because you’ve been captured and are now too deeply invested in the Apple Cult to ever get out, doesn’t actually make the product that you’re so very used to inferior. Sorry, not sorry.
  4. Social media– I hate how overwhelmingly progressive it’s desperately trying to be. Sure the concept of keeping in touch with old or lost friends is cool. But let’s face it, more often than not, these people you refer to as “friends” aren’t your friends at all. They are either people that added you for no reason other than to snoop on your shit, because they’re nosey, or you added them because you yourself possess stalker qualities. Either way, we allow ourselves to get sucked into it all. And by all I mean the million and one versions of that which is basically the same thing. First it was Myspace; then came Facebook; then came LinkedIn, shortly followed by Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, Grinder and whatever other databases that I have yet to stumble upon or hear about. And they’re all either interconnected (cause it’s not enough that you share a picture of you and your friends on Instagram, you have to share the very same picture on all your other accounts as well; the accounts that all of the same friends are following you on) or competing with one another on who can make the same feature, better. Please, it’s messaging, not rocket science!
  5. College Thesis – I never went to college but I hear it’s great. You get to eat Cup O’Noodles every day and drink cheap beer, all the while living in a cramped dorm with a roommate that doesn’t respect your privacy. Small price to pay for knowledge. Especially when that knowledge is measured by your ability to stretch out sentences and elaborate on paragraphs that quite frankly I’m not convinced anyone even reads. I seriously doubt every professor thoroughly goes through each individual’s thirty-something page doc, giving it a proper, well-deserved examination. And yet, college students are forced to struggle on writing the damn thing. What a waste of time.
  6. Politics – Much like the cancer research, politics is just something that will always be around. You don’t have to agree, in fact most people won’t, as it is a very touchy subject, and much too controversial to talk about in public, which happens to be primarily why I HATE IT. If they were to ever “find” the cure for cancer, millions of people would be out of jobs. Therefore, the cure for cancer will never be “found”. Sorry. Whether you like it or not, the whole concept of cancer research in itself is basically politics. It’s sneaky with its freaky ways of making you believe things that aren’t true. There are too many opinions on the matter and being the sensitive subject that it is, even if you don’t agree with those opinions, you have to respect them. So while I have my opinions, I tend to keep them to myself, except for that tiny little-but-huge cancer/government comment. But I stop there, I promise. So no, I don’t want to comment on The President’s tactics. I don’t want to discuss the issues of our political parties because at the end of the day no matter what I think or feel towards those political parties, nothing is going to change. Oh sure, “it only takes one vote”. Well it won’t be my vote. Oh you mean to tell me that since I don’t vote, I therefore forfeit the right to complain about our government? Fine by me. I don’t complain. I do however reserve the right to make observations.
  7. Health Insurance– One of the biggest scams out there. One of the most shameless scams out there to be exact. Let’s look at the monthly premiums for example. Even if you’re a young adult in late 20’s, you’re expected to pay several hundred dollars a month for a policy that is only half decent. By half decent I mean the actual benefit that you get from said policy, because it’s not like you pay the premium and that’s that; every time you have even a minor medical encounter whether it’s a trip to the doctor or a prescription, you’re expected to meet the full amount of your “yearly copayment”, which tends to be pretty high up there, before the insurance company dishes out any money on your behalf. So if you’re young and healthy and only go to the doctor twice a year if that, you’re fucked, because you’re paying all this money and the insurance company pays nothing. And even if you’re like “Well fuck this, I don’t need insurance”, you’re still fucked because you have to pay a yearly fee for not having insurance. Isn’t that awesome? So then you try to justify it… What is insurance anyway? It’s designed not to help you out on your regular doctor visits but to insure that you’re taken care of in the case that something terrible and drastic happens, so you’re not stuck having to pay thousands of dollars in one sitting. That’s wonderful and all but here’s the thing; there are actual people assigned to work on every policy to make sure that the Insurance Company pays as little as humanly possible per claim, no matter what circumstances are behind it. There are no morals in the Health Insurance business. Incidentally it gives hospitals all the more reasons to bill their clients for everything imaginable. I shit you not; those little disposable paper cups that they give you your pills in show up on the bill as $20 bucks a pop. You think I’m kidding? Nope. Sure, you may not see something like that after your regular Gyno visit, but if on the off chance you end up in a hospital bed, you best believe they will find an excuse to squeeze out as much money out as possible.



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