The Cusp

As usual I didn’t know what I was going to end up with when I started painting this piece. There were a lot of green and blue hues at first. They blended well and very much reflected my mood and general happiness. Then something happened and I decided that while beautiful, it was a wee bit too mellow, and didn’t properly reflect my personality. That’s where bright red came in, splattering right in the middle, immediately followed by black.

A little about the name of the painting… I’ve never been huge on the whole zodiac stuff and why we are the way that we are, but some aspects of all that does fascinate me to a degree. For example, I was born at the end of a “cycle” so according to the calendar I’m a Libra. According to those who “know” and study the stars and whatnot, refer to it as being born on “the cusp” which means that I possess qualities of both Libra and attached by the hip Scorpio.

As I go through life, the older I get the more accurately and more often I am able to not only depict my own personality traits but also get down and dirty with them, categorizing them into groups such as “Things I can and will work on” and “Things I’m stuck with and can’t do anything about” some of which also end up in “Things I’m eventually willing to revisit”. Interestingly enough, a lot of those traits are mentioned in the Zodiac books as they quite accurately describe my tendencies to be both level headed (Libra) and high strung (Scorpio). I don’t know much about other signs and their neighbors, as I can’t properly educate myself on qualities of humans that aren’t me, but I’m almost willing to bet money on the fact that Libra and Scorpio is one of the crazier matches according to the “How different are they?” scale. Scorpios tend to be assertive and fiery whereas Libras tend to be generally calm and often indecisive. Funny enough, I can’t make a decision on what to eat in a restaurant to save my life, and food’s something I’m pretty passionate about, but I can get pretty loud and even violent if I have a vision of how something should be done and for some reason you don’t see it my way. Things can get pretty ugly; I’m working on accepting people’s views more… It’s hard.

Without a single doubt in my mind, The Cusp became the painting’s rightful name. Various blues with spackles of green and white blissfully play around at the top of the canvas as the fierce red blasts through it in the middle full of passion, shocking it, causing it to fade into darkness, the nothingness of black.

the cusp

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