Spray it, Don’t Say it

Anyone that’s worked in the restaurant industry for as long as I have is bound to have learned all kinds of tricks that can be utilized in a day to day household; one of those tricks is how to effectively get rid of water stains on your glassware. Sure you can shove the glasses in your dishwasher, filling it with a rinse agent of sorts and setting it to ‘high temp dry’, but all you’re gonna end up doing is upping your gas bill.

The most effective way to get rid of water stains on your glassware is by polishing each individual glass; not just pretending to polish but actually polish; you know, with love and affection like would to that of a baby’s bottom after it had explosive diarrhea. To do it properly, you need an absorbent cotton towel that doesn’t leave any particles behind and a spray bottle that works properly. You also need some white vinegar to get the job done, a bottle of which can be purchased at your local dollar store; and you only need a little of it in proportion to hot water so the bottle will last you a long time.

Seeing as how you could probably get a spray bottle at your local dollar store as well, you may think that buying one from Amazon for $8 is a waste of money. Well, you’d be wrong. Some things are worth shelling out a few extra bucks for. A spray bottle from the dollar store is gonna end up breaking and/or leaking vinegar all over your hands as you attempt to use it; whereas this baby, made out of glass with a sturdy and operational handle, not to mention its cobalt blue color that matches my spray and dropper bottles perfectly, is bound to stay functional for a long time.

All in all, by spending $8 I saved myself the hassle of having to the dollar store multiple times and ultimately wasting way more than that. Not to mention I did it all, sitting comfortably on a swivel chair behind a computer desk.

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