Rooftop Film Club Forever

My movie watching experience will never be the same again. Unless every movie I watch from now on is on a rooftop with blankets and headphones while it’s being projected onto a screen under an open sky, as the sun goes down, which also happens to take place in LA where the weather is always wonderful.

The other night I had the pleasure of doing exactly that while Pretty Woman played on the big screen. Incidentally I stumbled upon this wonderful deal through “Stumbleupon”. I had to book my tickets a month in advance as almost every show is generally sold out for weeks.

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I think there’s something special about a concept of watching old movies under the stars. It tends to bring together groups of people with positive energy that just want to sink into the magic of good cinema and nothing else. It was honestly the most pleasant “movie theatre” experience I’ve ever had. No one was laughing obnoxiously unless it was done in a mutual uproar, and no one was talking on the phone or generally being rude towards everyone around them. And when the movie was over, everyone collected their blankets and headphones, surrendering them and disposing of their garbage on their way out.

The guys that put this thing together really have it figured out. They’ve imitated grass as the floor throughout the roof and decorated the space with lights stretching across. Both bar and food stations are available on premises for everyone’s convenience. The lawn chairs aren’t extremely comfortable but that’s a small price to pay. Not to mention their website gives explicit and easy to understand instructions as to what to wear in order to be comfortable and when to arrive. They even provide you with waterproof ponchos in the case that it rains as they do showings “rain or shine” and they happen to be very strict with their tickets are not refundable unless there’s a monsoon policy. While I’m not generally fond of the idea of being smothered with raindrops for an hour and a half, I’m more than willing to watch Grease or Breakfast at Tiffany’s or any other classic at least once under these conditions, without even so much as a cringe. Yes, it was that awesome of an experience, so yes I have that much faith in any and all aspects that Rooftop Film Club has to offer; bad weather and all. Bring it on!

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