Purple Fantasy

I painted this for my mom’s birthday in hopes of reflecting her love for trees and pretty colors. It was a gorgeous day out, so I brought all my tools and such outside on the deck and soaking in the sun, and thus the creative process began.

I chose a wooden square board as my canvas which gave my brush strokes an exercise I didn’t love. The thinner brushes had a difficult time going in the direction I wanted them to, due to the wooden texture. It’s a good thing I went for something that is easy to blend instead of a human in which case I’m convinced it would come out looking retarded and/ or drunk looking.

It was very hot out that day so it was a bit challenging because the paint kept drying up too fast. Purple was a big helper of mine though, so I just kept lathering it on, and seeing as how the background of this painting doesn’t resemble any sort of reality, but more so fantasy, it worked out well.

purple tree

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