Puppies are IN

Meet Daniel. Daniel is a puppy. She’s pretty cute. Her owner thinks that her name is Trixie Tango. He’s wrong. Her name is Daniel as in Daaaaamn Daniel! She’s even got the white vans to show for it.

She’s not the smartest dog I’ve ever encountered. She still poops where she isn’t supposed to and begs for human food that she should by now know she’s not allowed to have. She’s scared of the pool and anything that involves water. We’re breaking her in though. She’s getting better at finding the exit strategy that doesn’t necessarily involve the fastest route, so that’s cool.

The great thing about her is that despite her occasional stupidity she’s pretty agreeable. She’ll allow you to do basically anything with her. Like clay you can mold her into various positions and she’ll stay there. Featured here is one of those moments. I just placed her little body on my shoulders and she was just chilling there for a good minute.

So as you can see while some puppies are clearly out and about (hint: boobs), other puppies are very in and fashionable.


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