Presidential Hoax

Normally I avoid politics and everything having to do with current, previous and future elections with a ten foot pole. This particular case was almost no different, especially because Trump’s name was in the beginning of the article’s title. I say almost because I somehow managed to catch a glimpse of the end of that sentence and it said something about helping an average American earn more money so I figured what the hell, I’ll give it a shot; what the worst that can happen?

Well, I’m happy to let you know that nothing terrible happened. I’m still alive and breathing. However, I did waste several minutes of my precious time on reading an article that got me feeling worse about today’s political landscape than I ever have before. I strongly recommend skimming through it at most as you will probably be disappointed otherwise. The entire thing reeks of an infomercial more so than a “presidential” speech.

I had a hunch that this was just a hoax but kept reading anyway, and seeing as how I don’t indulge in politics or any news for that matter on a regular basis; horrified, I kept thinking – ‘ For all I know this could be actual news’.  I thought that right up until the moment a reliable source told me that it was in fact a hoax. While I feel better, I am afraid for those who don’t have a guiding hand to open their eyes; they’re very likely to catch the bait.

There are several things that are pure giveaways; check this out:

Trump, supposedly someone who cares about the people and is on a mission to make America great again, is willing to clue everyone in on his “How to get wealthy, quick” tactics as opposed to other greedy, rich people that have rigged the system for themselves and refuse to share their secrets and benefits with the rest. That’s just the first paragraph of the article. Both Fox and CNN News seems to think that they’re so swift and that by grabbing your attention with and enthusiastic money-making speech, your curious little heads won’t notice their actual agenda which is to shove yet another scheme down your throat. Reputable sources would never partake in such act.

Everything about this screamed “Commercial”; Trump was there merely as a selling point, which is funny because to me his face is always the opposite of a selling point. Here, he’s vouching for the Emily Hudson lady who’s ‘figured it all out’! Thanks to her you can sit at home and earn thousands of dollars…

“Emily Hudson is absolutely changing the world with her Ultimate Home Profits program” he said.

That’s great, Trump. What kind of special favors is she doing for you during all the extra down time she has now, in order to get such an honorable mention? Oh none I’m sure… After all, “We investigated the claims made by Mr. Trump and Ms. Hudson, and what we found is nothing short of amazing.”

‘Theresa Andrews of Lehi, 28 never thought that she would work online, until curiosity got the best of her and she ordered Ms. Hudson’s Ultimate Home Profits.’

And there you have it; infomercial status at its best. You’ve heard the same thing before a million times; just with minor different characters and situations. Sally lost her job and had four kids to support. She didn’t know what she was going to do. And then a miracle happened. She stumbled upon a program called Definitive Home-based Earnings (see what I did there?) and with no hesitation she took a leap of faith and invested the last of her savings. She was not disappointed because within the first month she was able to not only get a return of her money but make a profit! Now she can live a simple life taking care of her kids and working from home only 2-3 days a week, and you can too!

Then they go on and on basically repeating the very same thing they’ve already said, much like infomercials do. The information has to sink in somehow I guess and repetition is known to be Key to achieve exactly that.

Another thing that may not be obvious at first is the fact that all of the “Similar Stories” at the bottom of the page aren’t real links. They all conveniently direct you to the place that whoever created this fake news report, wants you to go. Is this fraud on the crafty side? Sure I’ll give you that. Fortunately for you, there are actually people who will read this and immediately proceed to reach for their “GO TRUMP” banners and yell Hooray in unison.

People, people… There are Wet Floor signs all over the place, don’t be stupid by jumping directly into the rabbit hole.

You can find the article here

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