Pint of Espresso

The espresso machine at any restaurant works just as hard as the dishwashers if not harder. And by dishwashers I mean the illegals in the back of the kitchen, not the machines that some places are fortunate enough to have behind the bar.

You come in to work early, work all day and leave late. Espresso is basically your best friend, and not just one or two but pints upon pints of it. The sales aren’t as high as the actual amount that gets consumed by the front and back of the house.

Sometimes there’s no time to chug a hot espresso as you’re too busy running around, doing whatever. Here’s a quick trick. So you do your regular espresso steps where you grind the beans, fill the handle, tamper it and place it into the machine. What you do next is you take a pint, fill it with ice, and shove it under the spout and press the GO button.  You don’t have to worry about the hot-on-cold glass breakage situation, because the espresso pours directly over ice and cools immediately.

If you’re feeling really fancy you can top it with some milk, but it’s just as good without. The goal is to down as many of these as you can before you get all jittery and jumpy; at least then you can focus on that instead of being affected by all the asshole customer that are there to ruin your day.

espresso pint

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