Organized Chaos

When I paint, it’s rare that a final product will resemble anything that I originally had in mind. This one in particular started out as a purple/black kind of canvas. It was very dark. Then I decided that it actually doesn’t reflect my mood at all, because I was pretty drunk and happy at the time. Plus I was sitting on the roof overlooking the pool. So I painted over it completely with a much more appropriate color – teal.



Then I decided that it was way too mermaid-y so I started dabbing with a whole bunch of other blue and black hues bringing it back to a sort of depressing tone. Thankfully the texture came out pretty bumpy which was awesome, so I put it aside telling myself that I’ll definitely revisit at a better time; that time has come and it is now a finished a piece, which I’m very happy with.

Those who know me were able to accurately depict every tiny detail of the painting, comparing it to my personality.

A somewhat gloomy setting plays as a backdrop and basically represents my own base layer. Over it there is a tinge of sunshine and happiness which are expressed in warm yellow, orange and red tones. My happiness is on fire. Slyly passing through that fiery happiness and weaving around the depression are the linear logic waves. Unfortunately the logic isn’t on a clear path as it is obstructed with various purple creatures that are crying black tears of oppression.

Even though the painting’s overall undertone depicts that I’m a troubled soul, it’s only partially true. There’s a little bit of everything. It is my Organized Chaos.


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