You know that phrase ‘It hurts so good’? Yeah. Don’t you dare question its validity. Don’t be one of those people that says ‘how can it be good if it hurts’. That’s just how it works dummy. The phrase makes perfect sense. It sure as hell makes a lot more sense than you sitting there with your head to your side wondering why the water is wet and the sky is blue. Here are just a few examples to help you understand. So if you’re not already on board with this, get on board, because knowing and understanding this will make life a lot more meaningful.

  1. SEX.
    If you can honestly say that you don’t enjoy a little bit of rough play when it comes to sex, you’re doing it wrong. Sure there are levels of rough; some involving extremes but even a simple ‘hitting the spot’ can do the trick. If you find yourself having to stop just as it’s starting to hurt, you’re probably preventing yourself from having the best orgasm of your life. Just sayin’. Next time you’re doing it, you should explore your horizons a bit and let the pain take over you and take you to the dark side. Haven’t you heard? They got cookies there.

    something like that
  2. LOVE.
    Much like sex, love is a strong drug, and it’s best served with a side of agony. Otherwise, how will you know it’s real? If it’s all rainbows and butterflies, and there’s no contrast, you get comfortable and forget about your surroundings. You start neglecting yourself and others immediately involved in this ‘love’ equation. In order to truly feel love, you have to feel pain. I know it sounds drastic but think about it. You always feel good after a good cry… having someone by your side and simultaneously missing them terribly is a confusing and rare feeling but that’s what love is: confusing and rare. Giving birth is considered to be one of the most painful moments of a woman’s life and yet it’s filled with so much love it’s almost indescribable. Love hurts. Sometimes it just hurts, but sometimes it hurts so good.

    crazy but true
  3. SPICE.
    With sex and love covered, the only natural subsequent element is food, of course. While food is delicious it takes a special kind of masochist to like it extra spicy. If you’re not one yourself, then you definitely know someone who understands the beauty of this Perhaps it’s because they’ve already killed their taste buds and have to have it extra spicy in order to feel anything at all, or perhaps we just love the burn; the sensation of danger on the palate. Eating something so hot it makes you tear up and loving every second of it is a special feeling that not everyone can understand. It hurts so good it makes you feel alive!

    Take it all in.
  4. BODY.
    You know; growing pains. Like when your muscles are letting you know that they’re growing by making you ooh and ahh the next day after a workout. As uncomfortable as you are doing your daily, normally simple tasks, deep inside you enjoy the pain because you know you’re making progress. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not doing it right. Same goes for teeth. If you’ve ever had braces, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Every time you get a tightening or switch out your invisalign tray, it hurts like hell; because your teeth are moving. I enjoy that pain very much. Sure I basically have to eat baby food for two days until my teeth adjust, but that throbbing pain lets me know that I’m one step closer to a beautiful smile.

    Every time I work out

So there you have it! You should never again question the meaning behind the phrase ‘It hurts so good’ as you, with or without knowing it have been subjected to each and every one of the above mentioned instances. And if you haven’t, you should. And if you’re scared it’s gonna hurt… well, grow up. Pain is part of life. Enjoy it.

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