Healthy Change of Pace

This picture happens to be the perfect example of the kind of an impact a massive hangover can have on you. For someone who drinks as much as I do the word “hangover” sort of becomes this myth that you hear about and scoff at because you’re tool cool for that shit. Then the day comes when you’re puking your guts out left and right and feel like you’re gonna die. Coming to the realization that you’re not super human after all, you inevitably decide to make some immediate changes in your everyday routine; at least until you feel better.

Once I was able to keep food down, I opted for a healthy breakfast you see before you instead of my usual Cup O’Noodles or leftover pizza from the night before. I cooked up some eggs along with every vegetable I could find in the refrigerator. String beans, zucchini, green bell pepper and broccoli sautéed with rosemary and garlic olive oil turned out pretty gosh darn delicious. Next to my bowl of health is a cup of tea. That’s right; my usual beer with a side of coffee has been replaced by organic ginger peach. I didn’t hate it.

As for the pretty little cup that’s holding my tea, believe it or not its design actually makes tea drinking experience more enjoyable. The glass that sits in a silver holder keeps the tea at perfect temperature while both the handle and the holder remain friendly to touch. The very same design was actually used on trains in Russia, way back when, you know before Putin came along and ruined everything. Of course after people were finished with their tea, they re-purposed the glasses for their vodka consumption. Don’t worry though, I finished my eggs and veggies; refilled my tea with more tea and went to work like a good girl with no liquor in sight.

change of pace

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