Front Yard or Back Porch – Doesn’t Matter as Long as Brunch is Involved

Brunch is so much more than a convenient gap between breakfast and lunch. Sure, it may be a made up concept, but as a person who’ll take any excuse to squeeze an extra meal in a day while shamelessly chasing it down with alcohol, I’m certainly not one to complain. Lots of made up things are wonderful. Not everyone is up during the official breakfast hours and by the time the official ‘lunch’ comes around chances are the same people are only starting to crawl out of their caves and into the world. And what’s a better greeting for them than starting the day off with none other than Brunch?

Society says it’s Eat and Drink o’clock; who am I to reject that premise? Did I just hear ‘all you can drink mimosas’? Well now you’re really leaving me no choice; it would be downright silly of me to turn down such a marvelous offer. Let me just grab my floppy hat and I’ll be there faster than you can say ‘Thank you sir, may I have another?’

I’ve done solo brunching a number of times; no better wake-up call than a bunch of booze bubbles accompanied by fresh OJ right before having to go to work and dealing with a bunch of people. It’s a good thing I’m a high-functioning drunk; otherwise coming to work intoxicated would probably be looked down upon.

While treating yourself to a nice meal and drinks, whether prior to other engagements or on a day off is nice, there’s nothing like shooting the shit in the early afternoon with a good friend. Oh the amount of wonderfulness that can take place when brunch is in session!

This particular time took place in a spot here in the valley of Los Angeles called ‘The Front Yard’. Its homey décor left little to be desired; beautiful lawn furniture, plenty of couches with tons of adorable pillows and cute little knick-knacks such as glass water bottles individually placed on tables with flowers beside them. Rest assured pictures were taken. After all, what kind of girls would we be if we didn’t?

The weather was gorgeous, as it often is in LA, and even though the sun was blinding and made us sweat through our skirts, we had a marvelous time. Everything was delicious; the Kale Caesar salad was one of the better ones I’ve ever had; chorizo deviled eggs were superb and last but not least the avocado toast was to die for.

Even so, my friend and I were starved for neither food nor conversation… Between all the gabbing and catching up, the eating portion of Brunch tended to get slightly neglected at times. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t let it go to waste; it just took a little longer to tackle. We did however manage to find the time to be lame and ‘toast’ our Avocado Toasts, seeing as how we were toasted and all. Clearly the drinking portion of the outing was handled just fine. We chugged those mimosas like our lives depended on it, and we’re not in the least bit ashamed. Needless to say we’re definitely going back for more; if not to get hammered again then at least to try some more of those scrumptious sounding food items. Who am I kidding? It’s obviously going to be both.


The best part about Brunch is that when you’re done, it’s still early enough in the day that you have all the time in the world to continue with the shenanigans! Again, assuming of course that you don’t have to go to work… So ladies and gentlemen, let’s raise our flutes and toast to brunch! For if there was no Brunch, we wouldn’t be wiped and passed out before midnight like normal people even if it is due to having been wasted all day long.

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