Fine Dining & Everything that Goes into it: Chapter 3


Importance of Having Knowledgeable Staff

There’s nothing worse than asking a question about the menu, whether it’s food or alcohol related and watch the dumbfounded look on your server/bartender’s face because they don’t have a clue. A true Fine Dining restaurant will neither hire nor keep around staff that isn’t actually knowledgeable of their craft and everything about the restaurant they’re working for, including its history. The ‘Come in, make money and leave’ mentality isn’t going to cut it in an establishment that’s truly proud of the service they provide to their patrons; you simple can’t get away with doing the bare minimum. A Fine Dining restaurant demands nothing but excellence from both the quality of the food and the back of the house that makes it, as well as the face of the restaurant which is represented by the front of the house staff. Needless to say a place with such high standards won’t even bat an eyelash about spending money on educating their staff via holding wine and liquor classes as well as field trips. And you best believe it’s not all about tasting fun stuff and getting drunk; homework and tests usually follow. Team work is also huge in a Fine Dining restaurant; none of that ‘Everyone for themselves’ crap; while you’re there to make money, you’re main purpose is always to please the guest, and not just your guest, but all guests, because that’s what keeps them coming back and ultimately that is what puts the money in everyone’s pockets.


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