Everybody Loves Raymond; But We Love Nitpicking More

I’ve watched and re-watched Everybody Loves Raymond so many times that I can probably quote every single episode. And yet, I still manage to find more and more inconsistencies every single time I re-visit it. I’m sure there are many more than the following, but these are the things I stumbled upon during my latest re-run. Enjoy getting your minds blown, folks.

  1. Debra claims that she said ‘No’ three times to Ray before finally agreeing to marry him, when in fact she was squeaking from happiness the moment she read his proposal in the newspaper of his first article that was published. The annoying parents were there as witnesses.
  2. When Deb and Ray first moved into the house, there was a window looking out into the street right across from the staircase leading upstairs. Over the years that window was long gone and somehow replaced by a plain wall.
  3. All throughout the show there is constant talk about Robert having wet his bed when he was little… Except, that whole concept has been put to ‘bed’ all the way back in the earlier seasons, when Raymond confesses to having poured water over him in his sleep… You know; the episode where they reminisce about Frank scaring them and Marie coddling them.
  4. When Ray swaps the stone in Debra’s wedding ring, she’s very upset because evidently she has replaced the stone with her much more expensive grandmother’s ring in order to prevent her parents from judging Ray more than they already do. The flaw in that story is the fact that Debra’s parents came over moments after Ray gave her the ring, giving her no time to even worry about the concept of replacing the thing in the first place.
  5. The actor that plays the cable guy when both Raymond’s and Frank’s cable goes out, acts as though he’s merely there from the cable company, knowing nothing about the ‘guy who lives across the street’ who’s clearly stealing the cable reception… He even smacks Ray with a hefty bill. Except that… And correct me if I’m wrong, it’s obviously Gianni, who’s been a friend to Ray since way before he’s ever even met Debra; the beloved futon delivery guy.

There are many more indescrepencies that are much more meticulous and far less noticeable than the above mentioned… And I’ll be happy to point them out to you over the next few years as I keep coming back to watch this show. For now, you’ll just have to sit back and relax while acknowledging the fact that you can’t rely on everything the television feeds you; not by far.

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