Desk Lamping it Up

Sometimes the light fixture attached to your ceiling or the lamp standing in the corner of your room just isn’t enough illumination. A desk lamp is a must; especially if you’re a writer and you like to jot down your notes in a notebook before you transfer it into the digital world. Regardless of whether you place it to your left or your right, depending on what your dominant hand is, if your space is limited you want to make sure that you get the most amount of light out of something that takes the least amount of space.

I have a small computer desk which constantly gets cluttered with things like letters, coupons and empty wine glasses; I need as much space as I can get. This particular lamp is perfect for exactly that.

It sits at the very top left corner of my desk. Its rectangular features allow the symmetry to take its course; abstaining from becoming part of the clutter but instead allowing itself to be a part of that which belongs. It has a long neck which I can maneuver whichever way I please, and its texture is soft, like that of velvet. It also has a dimming function; all you have to do to achieve the desired amount of light is slide your finger from one end to the other. It’s not just ‘on’ or ‘off’ like most lamps, and you don’t have to fiddle with a switch by twisting it numerous times clockwise or otherwise to get what you want; you just slide.

There’s plenty of light if you want there to be and it can be pretty obscure if you’re in the mood for something mellower. And you wanna know what the best part is? It’s only about 30 bucks on

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