Cup O’Noodles

Late night called for some late night noodles. You can’t see here but my lips are slightly wine stained, which was partially the reason behind me torturing my body with fabricated products. Did I have vegetables and other things in the refrigerator to make something healthy and delicious out of? Yes. Did I choose this particular semi unhealthy but so very delicious snack instead? Yes. Guilty pleasures and cravings must be answered when you’re wine drunk at 1 am.

The black thing that looks like a straw sticking out of my cup isn’t a straw. It’s something in the background that has nothing to do with my cup of noodles except merely looking like a straw which coincidentally plays along with the fact that I will be drinking my soup right out of the cup right after I finish eating all the noodles with my fork that’s in there.

You will also notice that the noodles are still in their original Styrofoam cup instead of having been poured out into a ceramic bowl. There’s a reason for that and the reason lies within Styrofoam’s general quality of attracting everything in sight. You see, when you pour the noodles into a bowl, all the goodness that hides in the spices stubbornly sticks to the walls of the cup. Do you want that? I don’t want that. I want all that unhealthy goodness all around my noodles and inside my mouth. You can’t win this one, Styrofoam!

Double thumbs up and a High five if you’ve always done it this way. You’ve got the right idea.

If not, it isn’t too late to enjoy your Cup O’Noodles the right way: with a fork straight out of the container, chugging all that remains. You’re welcome.


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