Cobalt Baby Blues

Being a bartender not only has a way of putting a bunch of cash in your pockets, but it also has a way of making sure that money disappears as fast as it got in there, if not faster. Between constantly going out to bars and keeping the liquor cabinet at home stocked, it gets pretty expensive. Bitters alone could set you back a few bills. And if you’re going to have a bar at home, or anything resembling a bar, then running it without bitters would be almost as silly as running a kitchen without salt.

Making your own bitters is a far better alternative – options are endless and experimenting is fun. You can either let your imagination run wild and test the waters, or go the safe route and start with a book that has instructions. Either way, you’re gonna need a decent storage place for all your magical creations.

There are plenty of options out there; you could store them in mason jars or plastic containers, but I find that these little bottles are the best. Made of glass, they’re not only functional, but also ridiculously sturdy and unfathomably cute. Amazon also sells them in brown but I went with cobalt blue and I couldn’t be happier.

For just $6 dollars you get 6 one oz bottles that have a properly functioning cap which not only seals any and all possibility for aromas to escape, but also has a glass eye dropper that’s perfect for proper measuring and extremely convenient for decorative purposes. You know, giving you the ability to control exactly how much comes out of a bottle as opposed to winging it via swinging it.


Of course I couldn’t stop there. To complete my cobalt blues I also picked up a set of four spray bottles. With free 2 day shipping thanks to Amazon Prime, it only set me back $7. Now that I have these in my possession, I have full intentions on filling them with things like Absinthe and other fun stuff; for the purpose of rinsing without wasting of course.

Would I recommend these to a friend? If it wasn’t already clear from my gushing above, the answer is yes, I would absolutely recommend these to a friend.


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