Board Games & Bored Dirty Minds

If you find yourself in a room full of people that are staring at their phones instead of being interactive, all you need is some markers, computer paper and a motivational speech to change that situation for the better. My friends and I found ourselves in a similar predicament a few weekends ago; everyone was wiped out from hot tubbing, swimming in the pool and drinking all day. So there we were just kind of chilling there, each having succumbed to our Instagram feeds.

I decided it was time for a game. Seeing as how no actual board games were at our disposal, I had to rack my brain and quickly create something everyone would enjoy out of materials that are available in every household. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone in this. Another person in our group knew exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned my favorite game of all time: Telestrations. Well almost… Apparently there is another game that is very similar; regardless, he immediately offered his help in organizing this group activity.

Naturally, I took the liberty of taking photos of some of these gems; they were just too good.

Just to give you an idea of what’s going on here…

It’s a ‘broken telephone’ kind of game that starts with everyone writing a ‘clue’ on top of a piece of paper before folding it and dropping into a hat for somebody else to pick it randomly. That somebody then draws  a picture of the ‘clue’, folds the top part backwards so only the picture is visible and passes it on to the next person, who then has to guess what the drawing is, write it down, and pass it on again, continuing the cycle. Everyone gets to play and no one has to be an artist. The game is a lot of fun because the original clue hardly ever ends up being the same in the end after a few people take a crack at it, and the results are hilarious.

Given the outcome, it’s safe to say that I hang out with some dirty-minded individuals. One of my favorite didn’t start out very discrete; nothing like a ‘fat girl with big tits’ to get the game rolling. Not like breasts and nipples weren’t already on everyone’s mind. This particular telephone line wasn’t terribly broken; people seemed to be pretty consistent with the boobage; you know, until the last person decided to clean up our act with a boring old stick figure that’s pretending to not have a good time.

board game (1)

Another one of my favorites ended up being slightly more diverse. Monkey business somehow turned into a flower with tits. Then there was a brief moment where a possibly high person with a green pen got into the mix, ignoring the glorious DD’s and innocently calling it a ‘sprouting flower’. At least I think ‘sprouting’ is what they meant because ‘spooting’ doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The next person however took their drawing to a whole new level, expressing a somewhat either displeased or constipated look on our beloved sunflower’s face, along with and air bubble on one side and something that definitely looks like a big fat boner on the other side. Although I guess the latter could just be a leaf… Sure enough the next person was pretty blunt with it: ‘Farting sunflower with Boner’. And I’m sure the last person of this strip had every intention to draw exactly that, but instead they seem to have turned it into what looks more like a farting daisy with a flaccid, hairy penis.

board game (2)

There were many more gems that night; some featuring ‘gay sex’, quite vividly so, and others featuring ‘Hamburgers’ somehow turning into yet again, boobs. I’m not sure what happened to those strips… Maybe they got accidentally trashed or maybe they went home with one of my friends to serve as wank material. Either way, while I may not have all the solid memorabilia from that night, I’m sure as hell left with some fun memories.


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