Buy Stuff

Everyone and their mother shops on Amazon these days; it’s too convenient not to. I for one am pretty diligent with my Amazon sessions. Several times a day I make sure to sit on the couch and give my finger a workout. The results are not only amazing but fast too! I get packages delivered right to my door in as little as two days.

Besides, getting your shopping done through Amazon eliminates the need to go out into the wilderness that is The Mall; all that potential cardio isn’t worth the stress. But you already knew that because much like me you’re an Amazon Pro – you know all the best deals because you scout them frequently; you don’t waste any time typing the website name into your browser because it’s saved to your bookmarks; and you probably have the Prime membership because if you never liked standing in line before the internet was invented there’s no reason for you to do it now with everything at your fingertips.

Since that is already the case, and since you and I are such great friends, all you have to do is click this Amazon link and bookmark it in place of your existing one.

 It will do absolutely nothing except make my life a little better, which will in turn make your life a little better, because as friends we really should look out for each other’s happiness.

So you’ll simply go on about your shopping addiction (which I very much approve of btw); except that every time you buy something, I will get a little something back. It will be something much more substantial than any sort of cash back for me. If all you do from now on is continue with your already existing habitual shopping, the credit that I receive simply for being affiliated with you will eventually accumulate into something equivalent to a really good cup of coffee. I don’t know if you know, but I love me some coffee, so naturally I will be eternally grateful if you attach my name to your virtual cart as you conquer your Amazon wish list.