7 Reasons You’re Wrong About Donald Trump

As social media is blowing up with hatred, we’re seemingly well on our way to Civil War; all because the elected president is “unfit to serve”. I for one was never into politics; in fact I tried with every fiber of my being to avoid anything and everything to do with politics with a ten foot pole. I swore I would never vote as I don’t believe it ultimately makes a difference and I ignored political debates that came my way; whether from friends or from patrons at my bar. As intentionally uninvolved as I’ve always been though, when I heard that Donald Trump was running for president I thought it was a joke. It seemed like a prank of sorts; just another ploy to get attention from the media, and yet here we are today with an over-tanned businessman with no prior experience in politics as our leader; promising he’s going to make America great ‘again’.

Making America great “again” implies that it was once great, which is debatable. The only time America came close to being great is during the Reagan times. Regardless, we have a new president now and instead of accepting it and hoping for the best, a large part of Americans is acting out as if we’ve just elected Hitler.

Trump is not Hitler; nor is he a sexist, racist bigot that everyone has been brainwashed to believe that he is, and here is a breakdown of reasons as to why; as well as a list of reasons explaining the idiocy and craziness that the Left is currently demonstrating.

Understanding your Dictators

  1. The Senior White House Leadership Team consists of a Woman, a gay man and a black man.

Kellyanne Conway has been by Trump’s side since 2006, and now being the first female to run a successful Republican presidential campaign, she is one of his top three people. Yeah, he clearly hates women. He must be a homophobe as well, because his next pick is Peter Thiel. Peter is a gay Republican who happens to be a billionaire that helped create PayPal and invested in Facebook in its early years. Obviously Trump judges people for their gender and sexual orientation; not their potential to be successful regardless of said elements. Oh but wait, Trump is so obviously racist too! Why else would he pick Dr. Benjamin Carson, an African American man, as the person to complete his perfect trio?! The fact that he was the first and only to successfully perform a seemingly impossible operation of separating twins conjoined at the back of the head, at a mere age of 35 couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it… neither could the rest of his remarkable achievements.

Most importantly, let’s not dismiss the fact that he is working very closely with these people on a daily basis. He wouldn’t be able to hide his utter distaste for them if there was any; he’s not that deep or manipulative – the man doesn’t have a filter for God’s sake. He picked these people because they have a history of excellence. He picked these people because they will inevitably help him make America great.

As if all of that wasn’t enough proof, here is a bonus round debunking the whole ‘he hates transgender people’ concept. When Caitlyn Jenner asked which bathroom in his hotel she should use, his response was “Whichever one makes you feel comfortable.” BOOM! That is the perfect response not just because it’s politically correct, alleviating the possibility of potentially harming his presidential campaign but because it describes exactly how he feels; he doesn’t give a f*ck. He doesn’t care if you’re gay, transsexual, black, man or woman as long as you’re contributing to the country’s well-being or at the very least not harming it.


  1. It’s not personal; it’s business.

For a bunch of people that are so focused on Trump’s greed for money, there are certainly a lot of products trending like T-shirts that say ‘NOT MY PRESIDENT’ and hats that say ‘MAKE AMERICA VOTE AGAIN’. Way to make a profit, guys. Yes he’s a businessman without a background in politics. Yes he had a ‘bit’ of financial assistance in form of a family loan that he paid back with interest, in order to be able to start his business – a privilege not many of us are able to obtain, ever.  Yes, he’s lost millions in the process. However, he’s made billions which is way more significant. When you look at a person’s success rate, you do not just focus on his failures but you instead focus on what he’s done about said failures. He didn’t give up like any rich little boy born with a silver spoon nowadays would after a bump in the road; he rose up way above and beyond and now he is The President of the United States of America. It’s not personal, it’s business; it’s impossible to appease every single person on a personal level as president. He’s a great businessman so perhaps instead of whining you should at the very least give him a chance to rectify the mistakes that our previous presidents have made and let him in fact make America at least ‘better’ if not great “again”. After all, hoping he would fail just so you could be right is downright stupid. If he fails, we all fail.


  1. He rejected the Presidential salary.

That’s $400k/year that won’t be going into his pocket. That fact alone should make everyone who thinks that his agenda is all about himself and not the country just shut their trap. The man already has billions; he could do nothing for the rest of his life and be way more than well off. Instead he chooses to run for president – the most challenging, time consuming and not to mention dangerous job there is. Those against Trump will inevitably retract their “He’s just another money-hungry business man that’s looking to screw everyone” statements and turn to say that it’s not about money at all but is instead about power and control. They’d still be wrong, which they hate of course and will never accept. It’s not about power or control; if anything it’s about the government not having as much power and control over people. It’s the Democrats that want big government, controlling each and every single thing and protecting the rich. Republicans are on the opposite end of the spectrum. No wonder states like California and New York are primarily Clinton supporters – that’s where all the money bags reside.  Meanwhile you have one of the biggest money bags around advocating for a smaller government…hmmm…


  1. Love Trumps Hate.

We live in a coddled generation, where it seems that everyone is ‘offended’ and in need of the very least a participation trophy as a consolation prize. People are holding ‘cry-ins’ for f*ck’s sake! They sit around in circles, holding hands, “mourning” the presidential election results. Professors are cancelling classes so that people could take time “off” in order to “deal” with all this. Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me America?? So you didn’t get what you want; grow a pair, get up and grow up. This isn’t the end of the world as we know it; there’s no need to be “scared for the first time in your life” – give me a f**king break. And no, you don’t get credit for choosing to cry about it instead of going out on the streets with banners, destroying public property.

Speaking of which… Way to back up the whole ‘Love Trumps Hate’ concept! What an angry, controlling, deceiving, manipulative bunch. First the Democrats show up at Trump rallies, enticing people, getting a desired negative reaction just to blame them for retaliation; calling them violent. Now they’re out protesting, vandalizing the ground we are supposed to cherish and respect. The only statement they’re making is “We are giant crybabies and we’ll stomp our feet and hurt people until we get our way” – cause that’s not counterproductive or hypocritical. What happened to ‘Violence is not the answer’? Why is an old man getting dragged out of his car and beaten up in the middle of the street by a bunch of black people because he is seemingly a Trump supporter? Why is #assassinatetrump a trending thing on Twitter? Why are there Craigslist ads further promoting this violence? You people are out of your goddamn mind.

More info and Twitter logs of disturbing images and videos

  1. Killing babies and whatnot.

There’s big talk about how Trump wants to prosecute women for having abortions. WRONG. Just because it’s his personal opinion that once impregnated, a woman should carry out the child instead of murdering it inside the womb, does not mean he is actively trying to make it mandatory. Everyone is entitled to both opinion and CHOICE, neither one of which is currently compromised, contrary to popular belief. Even if it were part of his agenda to make abortions illegal, which it is not, it would be completely impossible because once again he’s advocating the government to be less involved, not the other way around. He’s not against Planned Parenthood as an organization; he’s against it being funded by the government and the tax payers’ money. Take care of your own mistakes.

Speaking of Planned Parenthood… Here’s a bit of information that isn’t entirely all that secretive, but is somehow still very much ignored; perhaps because it’s much more convenient to not know the truth and you know, ignorance is bliss. It SHOULD make most of you want to bash your head against the wall and blow your brains out. But what do I know…

As you may or may not know, Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger – a woman also known as “The most successful racist”. This is the woman that birthed an elaborate plan to exterminate the black race. This is the woman that made Planned Parenthood Facilities available and free in the ghetto areas to make it more accessible to those who couldn’t drive a far distance to ‘take care’ of their accidental and unwanted pregnancies. This is the woman that was suggested to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill by the same people that suggest Trump’s equivalence to a fascist. This is the woman that Hillary Clinton and many feminist Democrats consider a “hero”.  Are you catching my drift? And you’re saying that Trump is racist? Come on people; surely you’re smarter than that. Surely you’re not that easily manipulated to believe that which the big government wants you to believe.

Click here for more information and the original article

Meanwhile you have people like Olivia Wilde addressing the public on her Instagram account about how being pregnant, and on the verge of giving birth has made her aware of the importance of having a choice. Never mind the fact that once again, no one is taking the right to choose abortion away from her; let’s focus on the fact that she’s basically saying ‘I’m going to have this baby and I’m happy about it but I would have liked to kill it had I wanted to’. The act of being pregnant made her realize that human life is only worth as much as the parent decides it is. Basically you deserve to live only if your parent isn’t a selfish asshole.

  1. What the Social Media has to say about all this.

Going on Facebook right now is ill-advised unless you’re doing so with an open mind. It’s both a shelter and a war zone. Most people are posting things seeking comfort and “unity”, crying over the current reality, not willing to accept it, etc. Others are posting angry messages, addressing those that voted for Trump and calling them moronic among other things; claiming they lack common sense and have participated in ruining that which America should be. Comments like ‘Why are we even friends? No friend of mine would vote for someone who is against basic human rights’ have come across my eyes in the last few days. What basic human rights are you referring to exactly? The right to free speech? The right to life? Get real; no one is opposed to those rights of yours. People are deleting and ‘unfollowing’ one another; threatening to void friendships and even family relations. It’s dumb. There’s no other word for it. A lot of people thought Hillary was going to win; a lot of people were wrong. Deal with it. YES, DEAL WITH IT. I know it’s hard because you’ve been told that you can do and get everything that you want in life, but guess what, sometimes, you have to accept things that you have no control over. So… All of you that are marching with ‘Not My President’ posters are delusional because he is very much your president.



Ellen Page is posting how “lovely” it is to meet so many “welcoming, rad and inspiring people in Dublin standing up against Trump and Pence”. Right… Because that’s the kind of people that choose to protest violently and whine about the outcome they’re unhappy about – welcoming, rad and inspiring.

Then you have Miley Cyrus posting a video, letting the public know that she accepts Trump as president and she’s willing to give him a chance, as she can’t hold back the tears because she truly believes that Hillary deserved to win due to the fact that she dedicated most of her life to better this country.

Umm… Hillary spent most of her life in politics, yes; she did not spend most of her life bettering this country. She is corrupt and selfish; she cares not for you or your well-being as you so mistakenly believe. She hasn’t had a real job since defending a child rapist in 1970’s as well screwing old people out of their homes in the same decade. When Bill was governor of Arkansas in 1980’s she was appointed to the board of directors of Walmart – an Arkansas based corporation that her law firm did legal work for. As first lady, she took a $200k/yr salary from a law firm that was doing business on behalf of said state. Talk about conflict of interest…


A great portion of Americans are upset because they already got used to the idea that we’re about to have the First Woman President. To some it was almost as exciting as having our First Black President. She lost not because she’s a woman and we are therefore digressing 50 years as a nation. She didn’t win because a greater portion of people were able to see past her manipulative tactics. She was recognized for the corrupt human being that she is. The nation united and instead of following the herd that’s “with Her” wisely voted for the only other reasonable candidate we were provided with. Those that voted for Johnson might as well have stayed home, but that’s beside the point.

  1. The REAL reason The Liberals are upset.

Liberals, much like all comic book villains, have one major thing in common: a victim mentality. They feel that they’ve been wronged, which in their eyes excuses them to seek justified revenge. This very logic was demonstrated at the previously mentioned Trump rallies and it’s being demonstrated now at all the protests currently taking place all over the country. The liberals are big on defending minorities solely because they feel that if they don’t, no one else will. Reality check! We do not currently live in a country where minorities as a whole have anything to worry about unless they’re actually doing something WRONG aka proving to be harmful to the rest of the population! The libs are all like ‘Just because so and so has proven to act a certain way again and again, doesn’t mean that all ____ people are _____’. Well no sh*t; no one is saying that. There is such a thing called statistics and there are always exceptions to the rule. That doesn’t however negate the fact that most stereotypes and generalizations are accurate. These statistics are there for a reason; they didn’t appear out of thin air. The liberals don’t see it that way. They have been trained from day one to stand up for the underdog. They still think they’re doing exactly that by defending Muslims even though people of that decent have repeatedly attacked gays and disrespected women. Isn’t that counterproductive? Isn’t that hypocritical? Again, they don’t see it that way. They pick and choose their stands depending on what best fits their narrative at a given time and quite frankly it’s becoming a much greater issue now than before, when it was just a nuisance.

Liberals turned into the authoritarians they are supposed to hate

Today they gather, collectively comparing Trump to Hitler whilst proudly wearing their safety pins to identify with one another as being “safe”. So basically… If you see someone on the street wearing a pin, assume that they’re your people and you can talk to them about the things that concern you because they will undoubtedly share the sentiment. If you see someone without a safety pin, feel free to assume that they’re a Trump supporter and blow up their car. That makes a lot of sense and isn’t at all similar to any other identification tactics that are currently being looked down upon by these same liberals, because ‘people shouldn’t be labeled’; but hey, as long as it’s convenient for you.


Here we have Olivia Wilde covered in safety pins of course

More information on the “safety pin”

All in all, I find it extremely unfortunate that a lot people see things on the internet and instead of examining and researching them and asking questions, they jump to conclusions. In this past week alone I’ve seen so many memes and articles that are ultimately complete fluff, but they seem like they’re delivering ‘the right’ message so people grab onto that information and spread it like the plague, twisting and turning it every chance they get. This isn’t a game. We’re not playing broken telephone for fun here; people are getting hurt and they’re getting hurt by the very people who are seemingly trying to spread love and acceptance. Wake up America; you’re not fighting for a cause. You’re just fighting.

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