43 Reasons Why Super Long Lists Are Annoying

  1. The title implies that there’s a lot of reading
  2. There is a lot of reading
  3. There is a lot of scrolling
  4. You keep wondering if the list is going to get better
  5. It doesn’t get better
  6. They tend to split one sentence into at least two separate items; often more
  7. Every time you think it’s going to improve it doesn’t
  8. Whenever you think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, you end up getting disappointed
  9. Just when you think it’s starting to get good, it fails you
  10. You’ll see one reason you like or can relate to and think that the rest of them will follow, but they never do
  11. The sentences are incredibly repetitive; just reworded
  12. Long lists tend to be monotonous
  13. You almost always know whatever compilation you’ve begun reading is dumb but you finish it anyway, inevitably wasting your time
  14. It’s impossible to come up with a legitimate list of that many reasons that are actually solid and not at all redundant.
  15. Every five reasons or so there is bound to be an irritating ad
  16. Ads are annoying
  17. Unless they’re about cute puppies
  18. And kittens
  19. They often back up one thought with another or several in a whole entirely separate point which in reality is not even a sentence on its own
  20. Halfway down, you begin to understand how thesaurus works
  21. There are a lot of synonyms
  22. Sometimes there’d be a sentence in the middle stating a fact completely outside of that which the list originally intended to explain
  23. The writers of said lists don’t want to waste their own time proof-reading their stuff so they end up being full of typos
  24. Long
  25. Lists
  26. Do
  27. Things
  28. Like
  29. This
  30. For
  31. Effect
  32. Just
  33. To Get
  34. A few
  35. Extra
  36. Points In.
  37. Because they don’t really have anything substantial to say
  38. Towards the end of the ‘List’ you forget what the list is even about because it didn’t make sense the entire time
  39. You start getting aggravated with the article; renaming it to things like ’50 reasons I should have never given this the time of day’
  40. You inevitably get aggravated with yourself for having started to read the article in the first place.
  41. Most reasons are stupid
  42. As well as excessive and unnecessary
  43. Avoid all long lists.


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