When you’re not sure how to react to a flyer…

I saw this flyer on the street a little while ago. Missing children isn’t a laughing matter. Whether this girl was kidnapped or she just stupidly lost her phone and neglected to advise her family of her whereabouts for three days, we don’t know. Hopefully she’s alright and either will be or has already been found.

I must admit though; the flyer itself made me chuckle. So you’re giving an incentive to strangers to actually be on the lookout instead of ignoring it like every other ‘Missing Puppy’ post on the street; incentive being a $1000 cash reward. This is where it gets funny – “Must have her with you to receive reward!”

I can just imagine: The phone rings and the voice on the other end says ‘Hi, I have your daughter, please wire the money to me now’… Of course you have to have her with you! You have to take her by the hand and personally drag her to the police station. Otherwise you ain’t getting shit. This is a personal note, a plea for help from the public; not directions on a shampoo bottle covering every single obvious detail to prevent being sued for misrepresentation.

Could they have chosen worse pictures for the flyer by the way? I mean you can barely see anything. Sure, between the black and white printer and the girl being of color it might be tough, but I’m sure it’s not impossible. Not to mention, there aren’t even any details about her; what her name is, how tall she is, where she was last seen, what she was wearing, etc. I mean do these people actually want to find her or what?


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